November 2022 Grants Approved

The Butler Family Foundation met early last week to determine our fall grants. The following grants were awarded: CASA Family Smart Program, $20,000.00; ABC Headstart Society, Nutrition Program, $17,000.00; University of Alberta, USchool program, $10,000; Canadian Mental Health Association, Recovery College, $12,500.00; YESS, Wellness Integration Team, $15,000.00; Athlone School, Mental Health supports, $5000.00; YWCA, Rose Campaign, $10,000.00; Edmonton Catholic School's Foundation, Conquer Hunger Fund, $10,000.00; Goodwill, You Can Ride 2, $7,500.00; C5, Community Food Market, $15,000.00; Free Play, $10,000.00; Project Adult Literacy, LELL Program, $5000.00; NISA Homes, $10,000.00; Alberta Art Gallery, $7500.00; and Mental Health Foundation, $10,000.00.

Thank you to all of the charities who work to support our community in meaningful ways.