Spring 2019 Grants Awarded

The Butler Family Foundation's spring grants were determined at the end of May: Adaptabilities- $10,000 toward Mobile Sensory Kits; Women in Need Growing Stronger (WINGS)- $15,000.00 toward the Rocky Forest Daycare and Out of School Care; $8000.00 toward Collaborative Slow Cooker Project, $8000.00; Boyle Street/C5 $10,000.00 toward the UBUNTU project; Sustainable Food Edmonton- $7000.00 toward Little Green Thumbs; Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)-  $12000.00 toward Trauma Support Team; McDougall House $8000.00 toward capital upgrade; ABC Headstart $10,000.00 toward Family Circle Programs; Stollery Hospital Foundation- $12,000.00 toward Stollery Superstar Program; Inclusion Alberta $5000.00; Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers $2500.00 toward South Sudanese Youth of Canada 2019 Conference; Kids on Track $2500.00 toward  The Homebuilder's Program.